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LMD 2019 Docking for 10.3 Rio

I've tried to install this and it installs but the IDE complains that the packages are not design time packages. All the packages are installed under the Administrator account so I've had to replicate the entries in my limited user account and I get the same errors from both my account and running RAD Studio as an administrator. The BPL packages are in a common BPL directory which is on the path. I'm sure I've seen this before but cannot find a workaround (I didn't have an issue with LMD 2019 Docking for 10.2 Tokyo).


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  • There is some sort of misconfiguration. I just tested Rio Installer for DockingPack myself and everything works fine.
    Such errors happen when either s.o. tries to install packages for wrong compiler (designtime packages for rio have 260 suffix), runtime packages (all LMD designtime packages start with dcllmd* prefix) or designtime packages access wrong runtime packages (designtime packages are correct, but runtime packages (those named with lmd*) are not (this would happen typically when correct runtime packages are not covered by PATH settings).
    Solution: Make sure that correct designtime packages are installed (dclllmd*260.bpl) and that they have access to the correct runtime packages (PATH settings). I suggest you do this manually (for DockingPack only 3 packages are to add in following order:

    If this does not help, simply get the source installer and compile packages yourself. This way you make sure that packages work on any possible environment. Note: If you compile packages yourself, make sure source directory is located in a path with write access (no problem when you start Delphi/Rad Studio with Admin rights). Otherwise you get write or permission denied errors.
    Load LMDDockingPack_d26.groupproj, select in context menu Build All, and then install the mentioned designtime packages via context menu above.

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    Thank you. I have now got them installed by adding the LIB and BPL directories to the IDEs search paths.
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