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TLMDComboBox color property

LMD-Tools 2018.1 (31-03-2018)
TLMDComboBox color property does not do anything. Is it "as designed", since help page is also empty?


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  • Like for almost all LMD controls Color property has no effect when any kind of tyles or themes is active (see property ThemeMode).
    Set ThemeMode to ttmNone and Color property can be used.
  • Ok, for other components like TLMDEdit, TLMDMemo, TLMDSpinEdit etc. color property works even if THemeMode is tmPlatform. Setting it to tmNone for TLMDComboBox makes it look like from different planet compared to other TLMD components. But color works now. This behaviour makes it useless.
  • I've made attempt to provide a possibility to use Color feature in TLMDComboBox. Very soon there will be next minor release.
  • LMD Tools 2018.5 has changes to TLMDComboBox, but they do not fix this issue properly. Below is a picture of TLMDComboBox, TLMDSpinEdit and TLMDCalendarEdit. All have ParentColor:=true and Enabled:=false set. LMDComboBox does not have font as others, there is white area around the text and dropdown arrow is blue.
  • White area around the text is inherited from standard combo-box (try it to compare). It can't be changed. As about blue drop-down arrow - I cannot reproduce it.
    At my side it look so:
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