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LMDDesignPack - z-order of controls

I would like to allow the user to be able to arrange the z-order of controls, like in the Delphi IDE with the options 'Bring to front' and 'Send to back'.  Is this possible via some settings, or do I have to add them in?  What is the easiest way to do this?

I would like to add the additional options to the existing options of 'Cut, copy, paste, and select all'.

Thanks in advance.


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  • You can use your own context menu in the designer. And so, implement your own functionality, like BringToFront and SendToBack for selected controls, because designing controls are just real controls and so, you can call standard Delphi methods on them.
  • Would the source code for the current context menu be included, so that I can see how to implement the 'Cut, copy, paste, and select all' options?  Thanks.
  • You need no to implement standard menu items because they can be included in your custom context menu automatically (can be disabled). However, if you prefer, its quite easy to implement them, because the designer has corresponding methods, like Cut, CanCut, Copy, CanCopy, ect.
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