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ElNameEdits (TElFileNameEdit/TElFolderNameEdit) - Support new FileOpenDialog

Are there plans to support new FileOpenDialog für above classes?
Especially the TFileOpenDialog support a modern Directory-Selection when activate Option fdoPickFolders


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  • Seems to be not possible. Edit control too much depends of exact dialog type. Properties read/written directly from internal dialog instance, which means that dialog logic is respected. Also, there specific types used in public (and protected) properties TBrowseForFolderOptions, TShellFolders, OnBeforeDialogExecute(Dialog), ect...
  • So create a new TElFileNameEditNew/TElFolderNameEditNew which integrate this new dialog styles?
  • This may have sence. However, I cannot understand, what you want from TElFileNameEdit? It already shows system default file open dialog.
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