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TLMDListBox header on Windows 10

Are there any ways to improve header visibility on Windows 10, it looks good on earlier versions. With W10 header is white (Windows Bevel) and look's like list itself. Could not find header color setting and users are complaining about visibility. Chancing header font would not make it better.


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  • Thats the Win10 style. We have nothing to do with that. Look in Windows native File Explorer...
  • How come W10 Explorer has blueish header font, at least my standard desktop has. Excel has gray headers, with white headers and black font layout looks quite "cheap". Tried to adjust header font color, but not working. Attached is picture of my w10 explorer standard header. 
  • Eugene meant more precisely is, that ListBox includes a TLMDHeaderControl (available via the Header property) which itself is a thin wrapper around the VCL's own THeaderControl component. There is not much we change about visual style, so if you want change visual style, you have to adapt techniques like for THeaderControl (e.g. owner drawn header sections etc.).
  • Font color is also a part of Windows theme and cannot be changed. If you look, you can notice that standard VCL controls like THeaderControl, and TListView (with columns in vsReport mode) have also black font color.
  • Yes, I understand this. What I meant that for Windows 7 TLMDListBox brings enhanced look, but for Win 10 nothing more. There is a need for Win 10 interface improvements.
  • Its not a part of our code. Its how OS implemented.
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