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InitialDir for TLMDFormFolderDialog

I want to do something similar to the selection of include paths in the Delphi IDE. There you can search for a new directory starting from a previous one. But with TLMDFormFolderDialog it seems that you always have to start at one of the predefined root positions again. Is there any possibility to set an InitialDir different from the set of RootDirs in the TLMDFormFolderDialog? Or is there another LMD component which achieves this my purpose?


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  • Hi,

    There no suitable LMD control for that. However, you can simply use Delphi's standard stuff:

    procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
      s: string;
      s := 'c:\';
      SelectDirectory('My Caption', 'c:\', s);
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