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TLMDDBGrid record selection problem

TLMDDBGrid shows various problems when selecting records using the mouse. All of them seems to appear when the user drags the mouse under the grid's bottom border.

See the very simple attached demo program and this video :

- at the very beginning you can see an empty grid, this is caused by another problem I've already filed a request for (the grid should contain 10 records).
- after disabling opEditing you can see the inserted records and the range selection without rowselect (this is just to show normal behaviour).
- then I've disabled opRangeSelect and here you can see that dragging the mouse under the grid's bottom border, it scrolls up and the last record shown is actually the first one (contains Test 1), then moving the mouse up you can see a sort of range selection that's completely weird.
- at the end, I've enabled opRowSelect and again very strange behaviour can be seen when dragging the mouse down and up again.

Moreover, in another test I've done after recording the video, strange effects are visible also with the default settings (opRowSelect unchecked and opRangeSelect checked) if you drag the mouse down and up, so the problem isn't caused by row select or range select, it's here anyway.



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