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Docking programmatically, (re)size behaviour

Hi, I have two panels below each other, aligned to the full width of the application.

Site.DockControl(pnlCallStack, Site.RootZone, alTop);
Site.DockControl(pnlOutput, Site.RootZone, alTop);

When I dock panel B inside panel A on the left side, the panels are both resized to half the width of the application. That's good. But if I do that programmatically then panel A shrinks to the smallest size and the rest is filled bij panel B.

Site.DockControl(pnlCallStack, Site.RootZone, alDocTop);
Site.DockControl(pnlOutput, pnlCallStack.Zone, alDocRight);

I tried all kind of combinations of aligning etc. but nothing works. What am I doing wrong ?


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