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LMD2017 cannot activate several LMD-Tools packages

I installed latest LMDTools 2017 (Jan 24th).
When opening the packages page in RAD Studio 10.1,
several design time packages are deactivated:
Core Components, Grid Pack, Main components, and a few others.

Then trying to check LMD 2017 - LMD-Tools Core Components results in an error message,
see attached file.

Consequently, trying to open a project results in errors missing LMD components.

I deinstalled LMD 2017, cleaned the directories, reinstalled LMD2016, it works fine.
Bakc to installing LMD20917, these error comes up again.

Can you help ?

Thx !!!



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  • Yes. You have a version mix up on your system or correct runtime packages are not located in a system path (and least designtime pages try to access wrong runtime files). 
    Make sure you have only one version installed on your system (search for *lmd*.* pattern to find all package (including *.dcp) files). 
    More info available on support pages.

    Final or alternative solution for this or other common problems like missing latest IDE service packs: Get source installer and compile packages manually. 
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