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why do two shellfolders conflict

I am trying to produce a double explorer. this needs 2 shellfolders andf 2 lmdshelltrees.  when they are all in operation singly shellfolder1 and shelltree1 work perfectly and similkarly so do shellfolder2 and shelltree2.  the top item in each case expands properly.   when they ar eboth in operation they produce the lists but first one shuts down the expansion then the other then they open up again in an infinite loop.  Without expanding the two lists appear to select the bottom item then go back to the top item over and over.  I'm using Windows 10 and Delphi 7 or Berlin and they both do this.  Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


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  • Forgot to say I am using the LMD Shellpack 2016 (licenced)
  • Can you send a small demo to our support e-mail. I just tryed to reproduce the issue, but two shell-trees connected to two shell-folder components worked well.
  • I have a problem with that -  if I do a small program it all works well.   Also in my large program the problem seems intermittent.  I have currently changed my code in my FormCreate a bit in a way that according to me should make no difference but at present the matter seems to have resolved itself.  So fingers crossed I will close the query.  Thanks for getting back to me.
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