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Docking Pack on MDI Applications

Hi There,
I just bought LMD DockingPack 2016 to use it in my MDI Application in Delphi XE8.
It doesn't work for me.
First i thought it was my code, but i tried with a new, empty application and it is the same. In two different computers.
Please, to reproduce the error, that is "MDIAPP.exe has stopped working" create a New MDI Application in Delphi XE8, in the Childwin Form, erase the memo and add a DockingSite, a DockingManager and a docking panel, and try to un-dock it during execution.
Is there anything i'm missing? Does it work within MDI forms?
please help me.
Thanks a lot.


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  • Hi again, here is the empty new project.
    MDIAPP With Docking
  • Hi,

    I tried your demo project, and still cannot reproduce the issue. Docking panels can be undocked without any problem.
    However, can you explain, why you need MDI interface? MDI is obsolete concept, which, of course, will be inconsistent with LMD Docking Pack, because it provides quite different way to organize application windows...

  • Ok, thanks, it is weird though that the issue presents in two different computers of my own and not in yours.
    The good news is that TLMDDocking pack works perfectly within the main window (not the MDI) of my software. Anyway, it's time for me to upgrade to non-MDI application.
    Thanks for your time.

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