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Zoom property of tLmdRichedit

Hello LMD team,

I'm trying to set the "tLMDRichedit.zoom" property of tLmdRichedit to the value 2 in the demo project pLMDRichEditAddictSpell. 

Unfortunately it does not seem to have any effect. Is the property functional at all?

Kind regards,
Arthur Hoornweg


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  • Hi,

    I can't reproduce your issue. Trying to set Zoom = 2 in the last line of TfrmLMDRichDialogForm.FormCreate event handler in mentioned demo work well.
  • Ah, I see. The key issue seems to be that "Zoom" must be set *after* the LoadFromFile or else it doesn't stick.  But since it is a published property, I set it at design time... which doesn't work.

    Could you please support finer-grained zooming rather than just integer factors ? The EM_Setzoom message allows for a numerator/denominator system.

    I do note a lot of weird side effects (Windows 7), though, that make the zoom property unusable so far: 

    - If I set Zoom to 2 and then change the width of the form, the WordWrap behaves very wonky. The wider the form, the narrower the text becomes. It should be the other way around.
    - The ruler above the text becomes meaningless because it does not zoom also !
    - Changing the state of WordWrap or Ruler in the menu will disable the zoom.

  • Main use of the Zoom property is in connection with Preview windows etc.
    It should not be used in some kind of edit modes (or in connection with Ruler etc.).

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