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How can I set breakpoints in LMD code and step through it?

When I am debugging my Delphi code, I would sometimes like to set breakpoints in LMD code and step through it. This can help me see when I'm making a mistake in passing parameters and so forth.

How should I set up Delphi and/or the LMD packages so I can do this?

I have C:\LMD2016\Source in both my Tools > Options > ... > Library Path and in my Tools > Options > ... > Browsing Path.

Code browsing works fine.

I am using Delphi XE5 and Delphi 10 Seattle, so a description that would work for either of those environments would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Apart from building the packages with Debug information there is no other requirement. Simply load the project file for your product and correct compiler from the source folder and build all packages (use the Build All function). After that install all design time packages (they start with dcllmd...).
    A previously installed precompiled version has to be removed (because precompiled versions don't contain any debug information which might be the reason why you can't debug packages.). 
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