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Docking Pack

  I tried work with LMD dockpanel and other docking components. I wonder what is the good way to work with forms. I want to use LMD transparent docking rectangle instead old look, when docking TForm on LMDDockSite. I would like same functionality as has DockPanel. I set on Form DragKing to dkDock and when a I drag form on LMDDockSite I see LMD Marker of dock position, but instead nice transparent rectangle see old look.


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  • Hi,

    Blue rect can be shown like this:

    procedure TForm2.FormStartDock(Sender: TObject;
      var DragObject: TDragDockObject);
      DragObject := TLMDDragObject.Create(Self);
      TLMDDragObject(DragObject).DragContent := False;

    But, anyway we do not suggest to use forms instead dock panels, because of various possible side effects. Its better use frames on dock panels, or, use caption-less forms inside dock-panels (form.Parent := MyDockPanel).

    LMD Innovative.

  • Hi Eugene,
      thank you for response. It is look like good, but "various possible side effects" are to big bogeyman to me. :-(
      I tried form inside dock-panels, but when I undock panel (to float position) the window has not minimize button and it is very difficult resize window, because borders are too slim. :-(

  • Hi,

    The 1px resize border is an open issue for now. I've several times tried to research of how to implement VS like glow, which actually makes the border wider. The only way I see is to create additional 4 windows with SW_LAYERED style enabled, which will represent a glow around the 4 sides of the floating panel.
    Thisis how, probably, the glow is implemented in VS. What I can't understand, is how to proceed panel resizing. This way it can't be done via WM_NCHITTEST, as ususally, so, this will be really an emulation of windows resizing, because I see no way to initiate built-in resizing message loop via some standard API. As a result, this will mean that the resizing will not support aero snapping to screen edges, ect. which is not good.

    Anyway, this way will be probably implemented, I just need some time.
  • Since I have several complaints by my customers regarding the 1pixel border for floating windows too, I wonder how much "some time" is. Because depending on this, I will need to create some solution on my own - I hope I don't have to...

    cu Christian
  • Hi,

    For now, as a workaround, you can try to change floating form style to provide thicker border, as mentioned in another thread:

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