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Future of SyntaxEdit & feature suggestions

It does not seem like SyntaxEdit has gotten any major new features in the last few years, just some bug fixes and tweaks.

What, if anything, is planned for SyntaxEdit?

I would really like to see some major new features like:
1. A color bar on the left that indicates the lines that have changed in yellow (or green if the changes have been saved) - like the Embarcadero IDE
2. Automatic highlighting or bolding of the matching parenthesis, brackets, etc that the cursor is on.
3. A search that highlights all the matches at the same time, and/or can highlight them while you are typing into the find box.

Are any of the above going to be added soon? I'd especially like to see #1 and #2 as they would make the editor much better and more modern in my opinion.



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  • Hi,

    >>What, if anything, is planned for SyntaxEdit?<<
    A list of proposed new features is available, but until yet it is not decided which features and when they will be implemented. There are other toolpacks which generate much more input and demand (and thus have higher priority).

    1.) + 3.) don't sound too difficult. Feature 2.) however would require some deep internal changes, so this won't come anytime soon.

  • Thanks.. I understand the need to place your resources where needed most.

    I think the editor is languishing though... I hope you can at least get the easy stuff in soon. I feel that #2 is extremely useful so I'm sorry to hear that it won't come soon. I thought it might not be too hard given that the document is often already parsed for syntax highlighting.
  • Hello,

    I'm in the process of converting to TMS's AdvMemo component as it looks like it has some nice features that SyntaxEdit lacks and SyntaxEdit seems neglected.

    So... if you are about to release a SyntaxEdit update with some significant new features, especially the ones mentioned above, then please let me know ASAP... otherwise I will continue to work on switching the editor component.

    I've enjoyed SyntaxEdit for years but I think I need to move on now.

  • Well I have not switched yet because I've spent so much time getting SyntaxEdit to work just right and the other editor components I tried had their own issues. I do really wish more development time and features were added to SyntaxEdit to bring it up-to-date.
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