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New design-time panel not shown; not in XML file

In version 2 of my application I added a new TLMDDockPanel in the Delphi form designer, but when I launch the application the panel doesn't show up.

The application reads and writes its configuration to an XML file with TLMDDockManager.SaveToStream/LoadFromStream, so I assume that the problem is that the new panel isn't in the XML file.

My question is: how can I make the settings from the Delphi form designer be used (as fall-back defaults) for any panels that are missing from the XML file, while retaining the XML file settings for all other panels?


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    There no way/ With the new version of your application you should supply new default XML layout. Other way will be to process new panels separately, in code, and make them, for example floating.

    Anyway, this is application specific task, which has no general solution.

  • I fixed it in the following way:

    After the application has read the XML configuration from disc, it iterates through all panels, docking any that it finds that have no parent (i.e. panel.Parent = nil). This seems to work.

    It would be nice if there were a public method in the dock manager that did the equivalent of ApplyDesignLayout for a single, specified, panel. This would make it much easier to restore a particular panel to its default position without affecting all of the others.
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