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How to test whether a floating panel is visible?

edited September 2014 in LMD-Tools Vote Up0Vote Down
I want to iterate over all of the panels on a form and determine whether they are visible. I have figureddocking out how to do this for docked panels:
  For Apanel := 0 to MainForm.LMDDockSite1.PanelCount - 1 Do
    If Not MainForm.LMDDockSite1.Panels[Apanel].PanelVisible Then

But where are the floating panels stored and how do I test whether they are visible?


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  • Hi,

    There no place where these a full list of panels are stored. You can create youw own list, if you create panels yourself at run-time, or just iterate the parent Form.Components collection, since all auto-created panels (which you placed on the site at design-time) will be there.

    For testing, whether the panel is visible you can use PanelVisible property.
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