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How to use TLMDCharSeq Buffer?

I'm a C++ XE5 user, and purchased LMD Syntax Editor stand-alone.

replacing the visible text for large files on the TLMDEditView based on
a scroll event, and I'm looking for faster processing than I can
achieve by using 


help file suggest faster processing speeds for TLMDCharSeq by using
Buffer, BufferStart, Buffer. Is this a direction I should consider?

If so, I see the Delphi example in the help file and implemented a C++ version of this sub classing.

class TSegFromPtr : public  TLMDCharSeq
    PLMDChar FPtr;

    void __fastcall FillBuffer(int ABufferStart, int ABufferEnd)
        int Bytes;
        PLMDChar Ptr;

        Bytes = (ABufferEnd-ABufferStart) * sizeof(TLMDChar);
        Ptr = FPtr + ABufferStart;
        //System.Move(Ptr^, Buffer[0], Bytes);

    __fastcall TSegFromPtr(PLMDChar APtr, int ACount):TLMDCharSeq(256)
        FPtr = APtr;
        FCount = ACount;


How can I assign the pointer to the TLMDEditDocument or TLMDEditView on my form (if that's the next step)

TSegFromPtr *seq = ??

By the way, I would have submitted this at the forum, but I'm a new customer and I don't see that I have an invitation code.


David Sleeter


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