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Floating Panels Missing from Saved Docking Layout

edited September 2014 in LMD-Tools Vote Up0Vote Down
First off, I want to say that I suspect the problem is somewhere in my code and not in the docking system. Having said that, I am hoping that you might have some insight into what might be going on here so that I might be able to track down the problem.

The problem I am having is that floating panels are not appearing in the XML output by lmddockmanager.savetofile.If I float a panel and then redock it, then the panel does appear in the XML and this works regardless of whether I drag the floating panel back into the dock or whether I redock it in code. However, if I float several panels in code from within the main form's oncreate, the floating panels appear in the xml.

This is happening in a large, complex application and I have not been able to reproduce it in a simple test program.

Again, I recognize that this is a long shot, but do you have any thoughts on what might be going on or how to track it down?

Thank you!


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