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Best way to save/restore replace dialog dimensions

What is the best way to save and restore the dialog dimensions of the "replace text" dialog in SyntaxEdit? If the user widens the dialog, I want it to remember the dialog width the next time it opens.

I'm referring to the dialog that opens when calling this:
TLMDEditSearchResult result(LMDEditExecReplaceDialog(L"Replace Text",Edit,LMDSearchDlgOptions));



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  • Hi,

    Currently there are no way. 

    Btw, LMDEditExecReplaceDialog is a simple way of executng dialog. Generally, you should use dialog control: TLMDEditReplaceDialog. However, as sayd even TLMDEditReplaceDialog has no way of controlling dialoig size.
  • Thanks.

    I'd really like to see an option to control the dialog width. If the user widens the dialog because they want to see more of the search or replace text then it would be better if it opens at the same width the next time it's opened. It can be a bit annoying to need to resize the dialog every time the dialog is used.

    Perhaps you could add a DialogWidth property or similar to LMDSearchDlgOptions?
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