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How to disable the Docking panels tabbing?

Reading the online documentation, it says:
'The feature is enabled by default, but can be disabled using UseTabDocs property of TLMDDockManager component'

However, that doesn't disable it at all, the only thing it does is to move the tabs from the top of the zone/panel to the bottom of it, and I need to completely stop all panels in my application from being docked together, as in more than one panel aligned Client in the same zone.

How can I achieve that?
At least, how can I disable the central hotspot, when I detect that the target zone already has a panel in it?


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    1) UseTabDocs property specifies, whether tabbed **documents** feature is enabled. Tabbed documents - are special kind of docking panels, which has different look and behavior, and as well, which supported by the special top positioned tabs on the site.

    2) To prevent user from docking panels into tabs you can use Site.OnUpdateHotSpots event, where you should exclude hsaTabs area from EnabledAreas var parameter.

  • Thanks, that's perfect!
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