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Floating panels not saved by DockManager

I use dockmanager to create panel at runtime.

Depending on the logged in user the panels may be positioned differently. Even runtime switching of user should change the layout.

It all works fine except for floating panels as they disappear from the saved stream (I tried both SaveToXmL and SaveToStream). The floating panels never appear in the stored stream or XML file.

What am I doing wrong?

I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks for your reply.


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  • Hi,

    This is strange. One reason of such behavior can be the fact that you create panels at run-time dynamically, and probably without assigning any Name(s) to them.\

    Docking manager needs a name of the panel while saving layout. It uses saved name to find the panel while loading layout back.

    So, first, you have to specify unique panel names, or use OnGetCompId event to provide some other panel Id, which will be used instead of Name. Second, you probably have to implement OnGetComp event handler, where you will provide panels by Id (or even create panels on-the-fly) during layout loading.

    If this info will not help you, then please send me a small demo, which will reproduce the issue.
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