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DevUtil workflow - "save changes to project lmdXXXX"

When I use DevUtil (2014) here's what happens :-

I do the following steps:
  • Delete all files from working directory
  • Prepare B2010
  • Start B2010
Once this has completed, the IDE is automatically opened with all the LMD projects in one big group.

But, when I try to close the projects and open *my* project, I get the dialog "save changes to project lmdxxxxx?" for each one of the 30-40 LMD packages in the group. If instead I close and re-open the IDE, then it reopens with the same 30 projects, which *still* think they need to be re-saved.

Is there some way of avoiding this? My mouse button will wear out ;-)


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  • Hi,

    The source of the problem is that project files are slitgtly differ from version to version, and even from update to update. I'll check it on my PC, but even this does not guarantee that it will work in your system.

    I'm, personally, use SaveAll (Ctrl+Shift+S) before closing as a woraround.
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