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TElTree issue mouse click on bottom row

There's a strange behaviour with the TElTree component: Mouse clicks an the lowermost visible row are not processed.
The focus doesn't change and an inplace editor is not activated. It's like the row was disabled.
Any idea?
Thx for answering.


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  • Does this happen when horizontal scrollbars are shown?
    If you absolutely need to use TElTree, setting UseCustomScrollBars to true should solve your problem.

    Using TElXTree, which does not have such problems, instead is recommended, though.

    TElXTree replaced TElTree almost 7 years ago and TElTree (which is still included for compatibility with previous projects only) was not adapted to new OS features.
  • Thank you very much, the UseCustomScrollBars was a good hint!
    However, UseCustomScrollBars was set to true in my project, but after I set it to false the TElTree works fine now.
    At the moment I need TElTree, but when I have more time I will change to TElXTree.
    Again, thx and best regards from Germany!
  • Hi,

    I have exactly the same problem. We are using several forms with Delphi 6 and XE5. In D6 everything is fine, in XE5 it works correct with UseCustomScrollBars = False, but then the theming is lost.

    Then I tried TElXTree. The behavior is exactly the other way round. It works fine with XE5 but exactly the same behavior with D6 as TElTree with XE5.

    Is there any solution?


    Andre Engelshove
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