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XE4 install problem


I installed XE4 trial to default path and LMD (VCL Complete 2013) also to default path.
Starting XE4 I get the following error. (Win7 x64). What is the problem an d how can I solve it?

"Can't load package C:\LMD2013\packages\dcllmdrtlx180.bpl.
The specified module could not be found ...
Do you want to attempt to load this package the next time a project is loaded?"

Thank You!


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    >>What is the problem an d how can I solve it?<<

    Error messages appear, when packages are not installed into a system path (PATH system variable).
    This happens when you selected either a custom path in installer for BPL (which is not a system path - this looks like in your case) or the default BPL of your IDE was not correctly identified. In either case simply make sure that package files are located in a system path, e.g. by 
    1.) adding custom path to PATH variable of your system (here: C:\LMD2013\packages)
    2.) Copy files to your default BPL path or any other system path and re-add packages again in Install Packages dialog. 
    That's all.
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