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General ElPack question about Windows Themes

Using ElPack 11 V04, I have an aplication that uses hundreds of components, most of them are ElPack, the rest probably native Delphi. If I have Windows Themes turned on and leave my application running for a few hours (doing effectively nothing regards user input), the Windows desktop invariably starts to fall apart and produces messages like "Canvas does not allow drawing".

If I set Windows to Classic mode, there is never a problem.
I am about to do some tests with the latest ElPack 11 V08 to see if anything has changed.

I'm not even sure that it is an ElPack issue.

So the question is: Has anybody else come across this?



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  • Hi Graham,

    I remember such error message in eariler ElPack versions but I did not encounter it for quite a while. Could you please list ElPack controls shown on the form when such situation emerges?
  • The main form is a MdiForm with a ElMainMenu, ElPanels and ElGraphicButtons. The are two MdiChild windows each with ElPanels and ElGraphic buttons. So far I have only been able to reproduce this on Windows XP. Vista and 7 seem OK so far. I tried to attach a jpg file to show the application but the upload failed "Missing a temporary folder".
  • Bit more infomation. All the ElPanels have the "Transparent XP Themes" set to FALSE.
  • Yet more information. All forms have the ElFormCaption component with the BackgroundType set to bgtHorzGradient.
    Just had a client upgrade our software and is now reporting this crash. Between our two versions there were two ElPack upgrades. The version that worked was V8-16 (September 2010). The upgraded version was using ElPack V9-04 (March 2011).
    My guess is that the problem has arisen with the introduction of V9. I have produced a version of my application using ElPack V8-17 to confirm the problem lies in the ElPack components and not any other changes made to the application. Testing continues.

  • I have now had no problems with the latest application software and ElPack V8-17. So I guess the problem is in the ElPack V9 releases.

  • Hi Graham, thank you for your time investments. With your info the bug was found and fixed. Fix will be available in the next update release. If you have sources, you can download fix from SVN or request it by mail.
  • Thanks. I will wait for the next release. Hopefully you will have also fixed the issue with the TElMainMenu and setting the font to Bold.
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