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Which components to use for new project?


I am just getting back into some Delphi development. What control group would be suggested for a new project: LMD-Tools or ElPack? As I understand it, previously ElPack added Unicode capability that was not in LMD-Tools. But now LMD-Tools is Unicode capable, so what is the difference between the two sets?

I have LMD-Complete, so have access to both sets of components, but am not really sure of the advantages of each.

Thank you.


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  • ElPack and LMD-Tools share the same core, so you can select the controls which fit your needs better. 
    ElPack includes controls which are not included in LMD-Tools (e.g. TElXTree) and vice versa. Newer packs like DockingPack, GridPack etc. belong more to LMD-Tools, but are designed to work smoothly together with ElPack as well (hence it is really a question of taste).
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