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Frequent "Class TLMDGridTextColumn not found"


I'm using TLMDGrid 2012.9 with XE2. Often, when I load an existing project into the IDE, I'm greeted by an error-message refering to the columns of my TLMDGrid - one error for each column.
Error Reading Form: 'Form1'
Class TLMDGridTextColumn not found. Ignore the error and continue? NOTE: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost.
If I start a new project, and put a TLMDGrid on a form, it works. When I discard the project and reload my existing project, it loads correctly without errors.
Any idea on wether this is an error in the LMD-tools or in XE2?



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  • Please check, whether the LMDGrid unit is included into your form's unit "uses" list.
  • The LMDGrid unit is included in the uses list.
  • Then, I don't know what the problem. If you can specify how to reproduce the problem starting from new project?...
  • A mail has been send to you with project files and screendumps for further information.

    I can reproduce the problem by the following steps in XE2:
    - Launch XE2 and make a new VCL project.
    - Insert a TLMDGrid and add a couple of Text-columns (see: 1. New project.png)
    - Save the project.
    - Close XE2.
    - Launch XE2 again.
    - When XE2 launches, it reloads the last project, and I'm greeted by the error message (see: 2. Error on load.png)
    - Pressing "Ignore all" loads the project, and shows the grid without the columns (see: 3. Project loaded with errors.png)

    To overcome this problem I have to:
    - Close the project without saving.
    - Make a new VCL project.
    - Insert a TLMDGrid.
    - Close the project without saving.
    - Reload my original project. Now it will load without errors.

    It seems to me that some design-time thing regarding the TLMDGrid column editor isn't loaded when XE2 starts.

  • When XE2 launches, it reloads the last project, and I'm greeted by the error message (see: 2. Error on load.png).

    This is, probably, the most interesting step. My Delphi does not reload the last project. There should be some specific settings at your side. Moreover, I'm sure, that if you open your project manually, using open project Delphi dialog, you will not get such error.
  • Disabling the reload feature in XE2 unfortunately doesn't solve my problem.
  • FYI, I have decided to solve the problem in another way.


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