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Delphi Forms in LMDDockSite


How can I dock Delphi Forms (TForm) in LMDDockSite ?
My creation didn't work. The TForm doesn't dock to the LMDDockSite.
I am a newbee.
Do I need to insert a special code to the form ?



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  • First I advice you to NOT to dock forms, as you will not be able to support all docking features, as opposed to built-in dock panels.

    However, to dock forms you need:

    - Set form's DragKind to dkDock, and DragMode to dmAutomatic at design time.
    - Create OnStartDock event handler, like shown below:

    procedure TForm2.FormStartDock(Sender: TObject;
      var DragObject: TDragDockObject);
      DragObject := TLMDDragObject.Create(Self);
      TLMDDragObject(DragObject).DragContent := False;
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