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LMDStorRegistryVault initialization

LMDStorRegistryVault documentation is not clear how to retrieve existing registry data. It says RegistryKey:='SoftwareInnovativeStoragePack1.0';but does this mean "Software\Innovative\StoragePack\1.0\" section or something else.It might work, if data is saved using the same component, but not otherwise.
You should clarify what to set if existing data is saved under CurrentUser and "Software\Company\Program\Version\Details..."
For RegistryKey and ActiveSection.


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  • You right, back slahes are needed when specifying RegKey. ActiveSection is the last one level and it will be added to the RegKey internally. So, givem your example, you can set:

    RegKey = 'Software\Company\Program\Version'
    ActiveSection = 'Details'

    Also, you can always check resulting data structure using standard Windows RegEdit application.
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