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Adjust all document TLMDDockPanels with code

is it possible to change all documentpanels (also all floating) as tabbed panels to center of site with code?

I mean when i drop all panels with mouse into the center but whithout mouse, by code?



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  • You can use the following code (this will include all floating panels, because the we iterate form's Components collection, and because the Owner of components (which is a form) never changes):

    procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
      i:   Integer;
      pnl: TLMDDockPanel;
      for i := 0 to ComponentCount - 1 do
        if Components[i] is TLMDDockPanel then
          pnl := TLMDDockPanel(Components[i]);
          if pnl.ClientKind = dkDocument then
            LMDDockSite1.DockControl(pnl, LMDDockSite1.SpaceZone, alClient);
  • Thank you,

    i tested your code, it makes all document dockpanels (also floating) to tabbed documents in the Site.

    I want all documents to be horizontally next to each other with the same width

  • I've answered in another topic.
  • I've answered in that topic, there is a problem
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