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Setting the Buttons on a Tabbed Doc Panel created at run time

I want to set the buttons on the Dock panel, I am using the Buttons property but pbMenu to pbClose etc are not recognised.  
Since I con't have access to your source, what are the correct names?


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  • Just solved this one, I needed LMDDckStyleElems in users.  However, it seems you cannot have menu button on a Tabbed Dock Panel.
  • >>Since I con't have access to your source, what are the correct names?<<
    FYI: All our products include full source, furthermore installers of compiled packages contain option to install the interface files (which allow to search the public interface parts of the source code).

  • When I looked into the lib directory I could only see dcu and hpp files.  Where do I find the .pas files?  
  • As mentioned, installers for compiled versions contain only interface files (option is disabled by default).
    For source code, download in your personal download area the installer which is named Source.
  • Thanks - its a while since downloading and I had forgotten about the source.
    Should have loaded it originally.
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