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SyntaxEdit and monitor DPI and "Per Monitor v2" support

I'm trying to adapt my application to work better with high DPI monitors, including when a user moves a window to another monitor with a different DPI.

There are some components that do not behave well with this, including, it seems, LMDEdit.

This is a big problem because LMDEdit is a major component of my application.

On a 4K monitor with 200% scaling the editor font looks way too small. When I use the 'Find Text' dialog, the spacing is off and the text labels are too small.

When I move the Window which contains LMDEdit to another monitor with normal DPI the editor font gets much larger. The 'Find Text' window seems to adapt to the new DPI but because the spacing and text size of the labels was wrong in the first place, the adaption to the lower DPI is wrong as well.

Can you fix this so that LMDEdit works properly with "Per Monitor v2" and moving windows containing LMDEdit to other monitors with different DPIs? Also, can you check to make sure that the 'Find Text', 'Replace Text', and other dialogs work properly?

NOTE: I'm using "Per Monitor v2" for the "DPI Awareness" in the Manifest options in the Project Options.

Thank you.


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