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TLMDDockPanel - ParentBackground

I am using the TLMDDockSite & TLMDDockPanels with VCF Themes. I have noticed that the ParentBackground does not work on the DockPanels - except when I have a TLMDPageControl on a DockPanel. Then the TabSheets of the  PageControl do inherit the Background from the VSF. 

(tested using LMD Docking Pack 2019.7 15-5-2019)


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  • Our docking system uses its own styles, which define its own colors. To be compatible with VCL styles we provide special "VCLStyle". To use it, place TLMDDockManager component on the form and choose "VCLStyle" value for StyleName property.
  • I tried that but it makes no difference. The form background and the LMDTabSheets of a LMDPageControl on a LMDDockPanel always use the VCF background, even when an LMD style is set by the Dockmanager. But all the other panels use the style set by the DockManager - even when the DockManager style is set to VCLStyle. When set to VCLStyle, the panels seem to assume that means something like a plain Windows 10 style. 

    In the attached screenshot I have used the Sky VCF to highlight the background texture. There is a DockManager on the form, set to VCLStyle. The form and panel not on the DockSite - and the panel of the TabSheet - have the background texture, the rest are a plain light grey no matter which VCF is chosen. 
  • VCLStyle try to keep colors of docking pack site and panels compatible with current application's VCL Style. Real transparency is not supported, so you will not see form texture on docking site or panels.
  • But it does work on LMDPageControl/TabSheets on a DockPanel. Hmmmm
  • Why you think, that you see form's parent background on the TabSheet? May be this is just a similar texture...
  • The same app with 3 different VCF Styles applied. I don't know if it is the Forms background showing through on the Tabsheet but it is certainly the same texture on the Form and Tabsheet.
  • Anyway, as has been mentioned, LMD DockingPack provides only re-coloring for VCL Styles, dock site as well as dock panels do not support transparency.
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