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Eurekalog 7 Reports an attempt to use a Destroyed Object when closing a Dock Panel

I've tried to implement LMD Docking into one of my existing applications and I found that EurekaLog was reporting an attempt to use a freed object.
I've spent time today to ensure its not my code as in one instance it was but after fixing I ended up with the same issue.
I decide to open the pDockingDemo project provide and enable EurekaLog and have found the same attempt to use a detroyed object when closing panel using the X on the panel.
I've attached the EurekaLog bug report (I hope it helps). I've not had any false positives from EurekaLog so I do not think the problem is in their code.
I'm using LMD 2018 Release 2018.3 and EurekaLog 7.7 on RAD Studio 10.2.3 Tokyo Enterprise.
If you need any more information then please let me know.


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  • I cannot reproduce this issue. I installed Eurekalog, and imitated "bad" code to check that all setup is made properly. However, no problems occured with closing docking panels, including dynamically created text-document panels, including floating panels.
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