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Prevent floating form

In the LMD docking controls, is it possible to prevent users from creating floating forms i.e. only allow users to dock forms onto my application's main form?  I don't want to have floating dock panels.  Is it possible?  Thank you.


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  • It is not possible generally, but as a workaround you can use OnUndock site's event:

    procedure TForm2.LMDDockSite1UnDock(Sender: TObject; Client: TControl;
      NewTarget: TWinControl; var Allow: Boolean);
      Allow := (NewTarget = LMDDockSite1);

    However, this will work only for styles without DragContent (old VS2005 style), because if DragContent is set to True, panels undocked immediately at drag-start moment of time.
  • Thanks a lot for that tip.  That resolves my floating form issue, and also the web browser issue I had earlier - if I now use the VS2005 style and don't allow floating forms, the TWebBrowser control does not need to reload the content when the panel is moved.

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