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limiting docking freedom

Being a LMD DockingPack newbie, I miss how-to´s or samples showing how to limit the users freedom (and thereby potential problems).

One example could be an ap where two panels are docked to the appplications right border. 
The user should be able to pull the pin and autohide both panels, but no additional panels should be dockable to this zone and the two panels sholud not be able to detach from this zone.
I think the key is the Site's OnDockOver event, but I'm unsure of the criterias.

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  • To prevent panels from beeng dragged by the used you can use standard Delphi property DragMode. Just set it to dmManual.

    To prevent from docking anything into some zones you can use Site.OnDockOver event. Just set Accept parameter to False. However, its much better to use Site.OnUpdateHotSpots event where you can visually disable some hot-spots excluding them from EnabledAreas parameter value.
  • However, basically, its not a good idea to use docking and restrict the user. Actually, our docking solution was not designed to such things.
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    unfortunately Site.OnUpdateHotSpots does not contain info on the control being dragged onto the site?
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