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LmdCheckListComboBox - Issue(s) scrolling by mouse wheel in Windows 7

Please follow these steps: Place a TLMDLabeledCheckListComboBox on a form. Add 10 Items (so that the scrollbar appears). Place a button an add onclick: LMDLabeledCheckListComboBox1.Open.
Start application on Windows 10 and press the button. Move the cursor over the control and do the wheel. The control is scrolling (as expected).
Start the application on Windows 7 . Do the same. Nothing happens now when moving over the control and scrolling by mouse wheel. This ist the first issue.

The second: If you focus an item by clicking on it: the focused item is not readable anymore because the font color remains black instead of turning white. This was not in LMS 2012! We are using the application with thin clients. Its exactly the same behaviour like described.Forget this one - see next post.

Could you please fix these issue?
Regards Werner


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