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TLMDSysSystemInfo on Windows 7

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I have 2012.2 version of the components installed on Delphi XE.
I cannot get TLMDSysSystemInfo or other of those components work.

Are these components capable for Windows 7?


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  • Can you specify your problem in more details? I've just tested  TLMDSysSystemInfo under Delphi XE2 - it worked correctly. Thank you.
  • Maybe I don't understand how to use the component. Could you please provide a working example?
    In my case, I simply get nothing (except an exception).
  • If you get exception - something gone wrong - post your sample project here or send to Normally is enough to place LMDSysSystemInfo on Form and set 
    LMDSysSystemInfo.AutoRetrieve property to true or call 
    LMDSysSystemInfo.Refresh inside your code directly.
  • This is what I have done. LMDSysSystemInfo in a fresh VCL project. AutRetrieve = true and also Method Refresh used. There is nothing inside the component. I have installed and compiled source code version under Delphi XE.
  • Continued in support mails
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