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Installing Shellpack is giving me a great problem

I have been using LMD70SE in Delphi7 and have built a number of components based on eg TLMDButtons.  The Shell pack will not install when LMD70SE is already installed due to "cannot load package dclimdrtl70.  it contains pLMDDateTimeEditorDlg wjoch is contained in lmd70se_d7.bpl. ".  Any (polite) suggestions would be really helpful since I have paid for the shellpack licence.  I dont want to lose all the work on my own componenents which of course disappear when I remove 70SE and the basic components are not in the shell pack.  They and the shell pack are in the LMD VCL Complete Trial Package (LMD 2016)  which I used to test the shells which are damned good but using that gives the 'only works in the IDE' message.   I only wanted the shells extra to what I already had which is what I paid for but now cant use.


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  • I am sorry, but it is not possible to install LMD-Tools SE 7.0 and ShellPack 2016 at the same time - both use the same core and you can not mix a more than 10 years old core with latest version. It is required to use the latest 2016 platform release for all installed LMD VCL packs.
    Alternative way is to strip your own version of the ShellPack sources, which does not use any of the shared common runtime.

  • I have endeavoured to do as you suggested, "Alternative way is to strip your own version of the ShellPack sources, which does not use any of the shared common runtime."  but depite narrowing the shell part down to 3 files it still will not install alongside SE7  The interesting thing is I can no longer install the LMD VCL Complete Trial Package (LMD 2016) which I had running side by side (many of the components greyed out of course) so I could try the shell components.  I even reinstalled Delphi7 just to try the shell package and SE7 with no interferance from other components but to no avail. I'm a 75 year old hobbyist (keeps the little grey cells active) writing purely for my own amusement and with a great bank of LMD buttons coplete with glyphs as well as 15 regularly used components built with buttons panels,listboxes drivecomboboxes etc. and I really dont want to replicate all that again with a different set of components.  I raked up the £40 for the shell components because having tried them they are great.  Currently I use Ortusshell but there is really no comparison.  Any further help would be really appreaciated
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