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Dockingpack + OpenGL/DirectX ?


do you think an OpenGL/DirectX TPanel descendant will work in the docking site?

I tried a simple TPaintBox (OnPaint event on canvas) and it did not work.

May the styled painting mess it up?

Thank you for your answer  (and it's a great docking library).


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  • ok, I've just made a working opengl panel, 

    you only have to disable switching to floating for it, or take care of the changed DC (I guess that gets updated with floating).

  • Yes, the handle change if you dock or undock.
  • Hi,

    VCL controls re-creates they handles on Parent change. There are some hande creation/re-creation related methodd: CreateParams, CreateHandle, CreateWnd, DestroyHandle, DestroyWnd, RecreateHandle, ect... Some of them are virtual. You should be familar with them, when writing your TPanel descendant.

    This way it should work. Btw, this is not only DockingPack related issue. Generally, to call your component correct, you should implement handle re-creation properly.
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