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LMD Browse Path

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Delphi 2007 w/update
LMD 7.13.00

I am working on a panel component which inherits from TLMDSimplePanel, for an application I am developing. I use ModelMaker 6 to aid with class design and development.

For my installed LMD components, the Ctrl-click method that brings up the pointed-at class source (i.e. "code browsing") does not work.
I have verified the location of LMDSimplePanel.pas is:
C:\Program Files\Borland\ThirdParty\LMD2004\lib\source

There appear to be no other copies of it on this machine, and I have verified this via a fully-up-to-date-index Copernic Desktop search.

The components seem to otherwise work fine, and everything compiles OK.

The following path is in my Delphi Browsing Path:

..and I don't see any other LMD-related paths there.

Code Browsing works fine on my other installed component sets, and (of course) on all Delphi's built-in VCL components.

Any idea how to get the Code Browsing functionality working with my installed LMD components?


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