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undock panel with a dialog-style

edited October 2014 in LMD-Tools Vote Up0Vote Down
In the Docking-Demo the undocked (flying) panels have such nice panel-style. But in my project -I use the docking-system a longer time- the undocked panels have a windows dialog style.
What must I do to get these panel-style?


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  • Hi,

    I don't know why this happens, I just created a small new application, just placing a dock site and some panels on the form. Floating panels looks Ok. 

    But, you can check, whether you use a **single** TLMDDockManager, and whether it connected to your main dock site.

  • Yes, the DockManager.
    I put the Dockmanager on my first form (without any Docking). The Docksite on another Form use this Dockmanager. That should be a problem.

    Now the Dockmanager is on the same form as the Docksite and it works fine.

    Thanks, Jens
  • Sorry, the problem is back.
    When I insert that source in the OnShow-Event of the form with the docking-site the problem with the dialog-style is back :

      DN = 'DockingStyle.xml';
      style: TLMDDockStyle;
      if FileExists(DN) then
        style := DockStyles.Add('StructaWoodStyle');
        style.LoadFromFile(DN); := style;

    The "DockingStyle.xml" is the VS2005-style from /tools. I copied and renamed XML and BMP to my project-directory to create in future my own style.
  • Hi,

    I've described your the theory. If the problem is still exists, please send me a small demo app.
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