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VS2005 Docking Style: Unusual Docking Indicators

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I really like prefer the VS2005 docking style to the alternatives, especially because I think it's docking guides are clearer to the user than the others. However, I have encountered what strikes me as odd behavior -- undocked panels display docking guides that imply the panel can be docked into itself. You can see this by dropping a docksite and dockmanager on a form, creating a single dockling panel and setting the dockmanager.stylename := vs2005. Float the panel and then drag it down. The dockling guides will appear and you can "drop the form onto itself" (at least the guides make it seem as though you can). 

Is that the intended behavior? If so, would you consider making a style that is otherwise similar to VS2005 but lacks this behavior? Or is there a way for me to turn this off? I am hoping to avoid investing a lot of time in developing a custom style.

Thank you!

p.s., I love the docking system.


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  • Hi,

    Bascially its possible to hide such guides. First, for every floating panel a corresponding floating site is created. You can track its creation via dock manager OnCreateFloatingSite event. Having access to floating site, you can assign an event handler to its OnGetSiteInfo event. THere you can set CanDock parameter to False when you need.

    But, note that generally, a floating form can contain more than one floating panel. So, guides are actually, shown because of this. Also, you'll see such guides even in the main site, where you also be able to dock a panel "into itself".

    I suggest you to make your own custom style, just by copy-pasting VS2005 style, and setting its DragContent to True. This way, your problem wil automatically dissappear.

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