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TLMDDBGrid questions

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I'm currently evaluating TLMDDBGrid as a potential replacement to TopGrid as we are in the middle of upgrading a large codebase to C++Builder XE5. I'm trying to find some equivalent properties/methods/techniques to the following and wondered if they were possible:

1. Identify the currently selected cell/select a different cell in either grid or TField/row number terms
2. Identify the top-left cell (i.e. the current grid scroll position) and change it in the same way as the above
3. Force a specific row to scroll into view.

Thanks for any help.


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  • Hi,

    Horizontally, from the columns viewpoint, you can use CurrentColumn property to determine or change current column.

    Vertically, from rows viewpoint, we rely on the dataset active row functionality, just like any other data-aware control. The active row is always rofced to be in the view.
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