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Transparent DockSite

edited May 2014 in LMD-Tools Vote Up0Vote Down
Please how can i make the docksite transparent? I put a gradient panel on the same form i put docksite but does not see the gradient panel. Thank You.


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  • Hi,

    Unfortunately, there no such option. If you want to change site background you should create your own style. But, again, styles does not provide a way to draw gradients.
  • Ouch. ):

    Maybe in a future update?
  • Hm... May be, I'll think.
  • Thank you, that would be very nice. 

    Two option:
    1. The possibility to set gradient for the docksite itself. Parameters: Start/end color, 'density' of the gradient, linear gradient is enough (vertical/horizontal).
    2. Or transparent docksite so we can use components like Jedi VCL's gradient panel.

    I would like to set a nice light natural gray to a bit darker gray gradient as a background of my application. Harsh gradients are ugly, but a light gentle gradient (mostly light shades of grey) can make the application look much better, even if the background is covered by the dock panels most of the time.
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