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Docking TForm

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please is there any way to dock my existing forms into docksite? These forms has lots of custom methods and i cannot restructure my app easily. I bought the docking component just for this, but now i just realize it does not possible? If so, is there any chance for refunding?

Thank You,


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  • Ok at some parts my code is a mess, its a good opportunity to reorganize the code anyway. 
    Using frames is also a possibility, but i wont.

  • Hi,

    please is there any way to dock my existing forms into docksite

    But, what is the problem? Can you describe it more precisely, because there should be no problem to dock ANY Delphi control into our docking site.

    Btw, of course, using forms you will loose some docking pack capabilities, such as specifying default layout directly at design-time, ect. But, forms, generally, can be used with docking site. I advice you to play with forms and docking site on the small clear project. Also, I can unswer all concrete questions.
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    thank you for the response. 

    Well i was trying to dock a TForm (setting dragKind to dkDock) but moving the form was very 'rugged' and slow, no blue marking rectangle where the form will dock and also i cannot undock the form after docking it. 
    Other 'problem' is that when i pin the form to the side of the docksite, there is no any caption showing for the pinned form (but well im sure there is some easy solution for this one).

    Thank You
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