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Why my TLMDDockSite is transparent outside Delphi, but not when debugging it?

I have 1 TLMDDockSite (with 5 TLMDdockPanels on it) in my main application form aligned alClient, but with the Visible property set to False.
(it's not visible because the TLMDDockSite will become visible as soon as the user logs on in the application, but that come much later)
Why is it that the entire TLMDDockSite is transparent (Windows Aero, by the looks of it, which is my current Windows 7 theme) if I double click on the .exe and run it from Windows Explorer, but it's not transparent and I can see the usual grey background form when running it from the Delphi IDE?
I'm not using any (LMD) themes in my application.



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    Are you sure that the problem is in docking pack related things? 

    Can you try to switch off alClient align of the site and try to resize it so, that it not occupy the whole form. And check?
    Also, can you place some other controls on the form, like TPanel or TMemo and also try to run?..
  • Sorry for the delay in replying to this, I got lots of problems logging in the forum using the google or openID options (I still have, they still don't work), but at least the SignIn menu option works <- should be bigger, by the way.

    Anyway, I think you were right, it wasn't the LMD components the source of the issue, it was an exception happening at creation time, only when running from outside Delphi it happened.
    Thanks anyway
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