ANN: LMD DialogPack 2014.0 available [UPDATE] LMD DialogCreator available

Besides the trialversions the download area was updated with the free LMD DialogCreator addon-on. This free tool allows to define the appearance of complex Taskdialog controls and to generate required PAS-/DFM-code for runtime integration in your application. See also the LMD DialogCreator Guide for more info.

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LMD DialogPack (formerly JSDialog Pack by
JED Software) is one of the most versatile and extensive toolbox for the creation of dialogs which mimic the look and feel of the system TaskDialog (which was introduced with Windows Vista). It goes far beyond similar solutions by supporting fully customizable edit dialogs and dialog sheets. Besides that usage at designtime is greatly enhanced by entensive editors and experts (including ready to use editor templates and automatic generation of source code).

Unlike the recently released NG DialogPack this component will be assigned to the LMD VCL line and hence supports Delphi 6+ and C++Builder 2006 and better.

The existing TaksDialog implmentation of current LMD Core will be moved to Legacy/Compatibility packages.

Check out the LMD DialogPack product page for more info and links to trialversions and documentation. 

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