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dock question

I make all my panels float at run time. i would like these panels to
only be able to dock inside each other and never on top, bottom,left or
right of the panels themselves or site(form).
Is that possible.


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  • Hi,

    You can use OnUpdateHotSpots event handler to disable unneded hotspots. For floating sites you can hook your event handler for this event inside dock manager's OnCreateFloatingSite event. Also look at OnDragOver and OnGetSiteInfo events.

    However, if you don't want to dock inside your main docking site, why you need it at all :) just for design-time?
  • Ok, thanks for that little bit of information. Where do i find code examples in the small pdf included?
    When my program starts I make all my panels float. Now i want the panels to dock inside each other or undock them. I do not want them to dock on any side of the main form or any side of each floating panels (just dock inside).

    Could you show me some code on how to do that?
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